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Here at Autokwix, we are inspired by the lifestyle and culture of truck and SUV ownership, maintenance, and modification. We are in the process of cultivating a diverse online community of users that share our passion for truck and SUV mods, parts, culture, and lifestyle.

Our community is made up of daily contributors that create content related to product buying guides, reviews, ultimate guides, and “best of” articles. Our team’s vision is to take our personal professional experience and know how, and share it with the Autokwix community in the form of personal testimonials, hands on reviews, professional expertise, and real life experience.

Autokwix is a young community. As a result, we need to develop our web platform, for this, we spend money on the website and articles/researches. In accordance with the above, we found some ways to earn money. Autokwix earns money in part through an Amazon affiliate program and advertising, but it's not the main goal.

The goal of Autokwix is to share this “hands on” knowledge and experience with as many people as possible. All research is conducted by our contributing team, namely our site’s founder, Liam Brooks.

Liam Brooks Founder

Who is Liam Brooks? Brooks founded Autokwix to serve as a community hub for people passionate about trucks and SUVs, and to provide users with the information they need to make informed decisions about various automobile products. This knowledge is mostly centered around the modification of trucks and SUVs, and reviews of real products and automobiles that are personally tested and worked on by Brooks.

Liam Brooks is blogger

Liam Brooks is the founder of Autokwix.com. Brooks is passionate about trucks and SUVs, having spent his life accumulating a vast wealth of knowledge and experience centered around trucks/SUVs, travel, emergency situation know how, metal working, and auto modification.

Over the past three decades, Brooks has built a lifestyle centered around truck and SUV maintenance, parts, modification, and culture. Brooks is a seasoned auto vet, with knowledge stemming from over 30 years of hands on professional experience. Brooks is a seasoned mechanic, he owns a car service station in California and does classic car restoration and metalworking as hobbies. Amidst this all, Brooks is also an avid blogger, creating auto culture content for multiple platforms. (Yes, he's a busy guy).

 Brooks is a seasoned auto vet

Brooks is passionate about truck and SUV modification. Through his site Autokwix, Brooks’ mission is to create a community of individuals that are inspired by vehicles and modifications such as:

  • jeep wrangler/cherokee
  • dodge ram 1500 / 2500 (hemi / cummins engines)
  • chevy silverado (vortec or duramax turbo-diese duramax)
  • ford F150 (ecoboost/ power stroke engines)
  • gmc sierra 1500
  • toyota tundra/tacoma

Through Autokwix, individuals inspired by truck and SUV culture are provided a platform to share information and ideas with a like minded community.

Brooks is a natural adventurer, having traveled all over the United States. This travel experience has provided Brooks with a unique perspective on life, passion, and automobile maintenance. Brooks is especially knowledgeable about handling emergency situations on the fly, and combating inclement weather in unexpected circumstances. Brooks studied at California Polytechnic State University.

Brooks is a auto mechanic

All of this seasoned experience gives Brooks a unique perspective on automobile maintenance, modification, and lifestyle. Autokwix is the culmination of this experience, acting as a platform that is meant to inspire and inform its users. Autokwix is a growing community, and Brooks is intent on sharing his professional hands on experience, with Autokwix users, to help them stay informed on top product reviews, seasoned pro tips, parts, maintenance, and truck/SUV modification.

Brooks is married to his wife Jessica and has two children. They reside in California, USA. When Brooks is not working at the car service station he owns or blogging for Autokwix, he is likely to be found picnicking with family, hiking, taking part in adventure races, and spending time with his loved ones.

The old saying is “If you want something done, ask a busy person”, Brooks encapsulates that saying, remaining one of the busiest, and productive members of the Autokwix team.

Our community is growing, and we are open for cooperation. If you have real experience of modification your truck/SUV and want to write an article about it, so feel free to send suggestions and feedback at liam@autokwix.com