5 Mods that will Help you Ruin your Truck

by · Automotive Expert

Here is the thing, guys, why do you have such a tough time when it comes to modding your trucks? Got any ideas? The question is not about where to buy or what to choose. I am not even talking about financial side of the issue. I’m pretty sure that once you’ve decided to mod up your car, you know exactly what you want and which company to work with and which places to pop in.

So what is this gearhead talking about?

You might be asking yourselves while reading these lines.

The real deal is the thing that many of you, guys, having chosen this or that mod for your truck, don’t even have a hint at times that it can be the hardest crime you’ve ever done your car. Some mods are a complete crap. In some cases they can just look appalling while in the others can be really damaging to your truck.

So in this article I’m, Liam Brooks, gonna shed some light on the nuances you need to keep in mind when you decide to show off your creativity with modding up your truck. Let’s hard at it and never repeat mistakes once we made or were about to make.

My list I want to start with Vertical Exhaust

Vertical Exhaust

I remember myself being a high school kid aged 16 or something and having my first car. The only thing I could dream of was straight pipes! All my mates had them and they looked so awesome and mature, you know. And I did that. And I was driving around making that terrible noise wherever I went and even got into a trouble a few times due to those pipes.

So what I’m trying to say is I was a high-school kid who wanted to look like a macho. If you are older than that, keep in mind that vertical exhausts don’t make your truck look manly or cooler than it is. What’s more, if you want to put the exhaust system on your truck, choose good quality one.

If you want to blow your money on something, buy a true exhaust system, which will sound much better and will make truck performance better at the same time!

The following thing is Lifting up your truck

Lifting up your truck

Everyone loves lifting and we’ve discussed a lot of advantages of having a leveling or lifting kit installed. But the thing is how high the lift is. Don’t overdo with it. Firstly, it looks ridiculous and people will hardly envy you climbing up and down that monster hundreds times a day.

I doubt you will have enough power or be physically fit to keep up to it on a regular basis. Secondly, how often do you really go off-road? Let’s be sincere! Do you really believe it’s a good mod for in-town performance? Don’t think so. Another thing is that it can even be dangerous to some extent. What if you fall off this truck and have to spend a few weeks bound to bed? Sounds bad to me.

The third mod that kinda makes you look cool is super bright headlights!

super bright headlights

It’s another story of a macho man who wants to outdo his competitors and rivals and installs super bright headlights and they are blue, I’d say purple blue and they make you look and feel proud of your car. So everything looks great until you have to drive in the rain or at night. And these lights will blind all the drivers around. The same about you. You can’t see anything because it just reflects off and goes everywhere and you are about to crash into someone. So think twice when it comes to lights!

The forth position of awful mods goes to hydraulics.


I am not saying that hydraulics are bad. I personally really like them and they look awesome, if we are talking about low-ride cars. If you own a truck, they will look weird and creepy. And to my mind, takes away from all of the qualities that actually make it a truck. That’s your personal choice for sure, but if you ask me whether I’d put on my pickup hydraulics, I’d say: definitely not!

The last one but not the least is Plasti Dip.

How to remove Plasti Dip

Guys, this is the thing that will absolutely damage your truck. The point is it goes on nicely but the toughest issue is you can't take it off. It says that you can just peel it off but it doesn't work like that. It is much cheaper than to have your truck painted and that is the main reason why people have it done. But if you drive off-road regularly or even have just in-town ride, but there is any sort of dust or something out there, it sticks to your car instantly and forever since it’s a rubber and it’s the way it work with it. And whatever you do afterwards ( wash it, scrub it, peel it, whatever), it doesn’t come off.

Plasti Dip


Hope your truck expert, Liam Brooks, has been helpful with my list of useless and pointless mods. Take care of your trucks, dudes, and they will do you the world of good!


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