My Top Jeep Wrangler performance mods

by · Automotive Expert

There are hundreds of options when it comes to customizing your Jeep. First of all, we must ask ourselves what we do wish to accomplish. Even if you can't buy everything because of budget limitations, there are some much which can buy. I am listing the absolute musts for anyone who wants to mod their Jeep Wrangler.

I want to begin with a list of great performance mods. If you are like me, then you want your Jeep to have the performance of a beast. And that cannot be done without a supercharger. What is a supercharger? Let me explain in detail below.

Best Jeep Wrangler performance upgrades

1. Supercharger for Jeep Wrangler

Drag Racing

Estimated cost: $2500-$7000

Benefits: Superchargers improve vehicle performance

Difficulty: Hard

In this modification, It will be impossible to describe all the steps of installation. If you are an amateur like myself, then it may be best to get a professional mechanic to do the job. It will be an important decision of who will actually do the work, so choose carefully. I will now detail a number of questions based on my own personal research. I am listing some tidbits along the way that may help you in your process.

What is Supercharger?

A supercharger something you may not really know how it works. In simple terms, it is a compressor of air that allows this dense air pressure to be transferred to the engine. Thus this compression of air allows the engine to pump more air and fuel into cylinders. The end result is more power during combustion. If you want to know more info about what Supercharger, then check out this informative article on Wikipedia.

Do you really need Supercharger for off-roading?

It would be nearly impossible to enjoy off-roading with only factory settings. Supercharging really shines during off-roading activities. Serious off-roading requires big tires of 31-35". To get these big boys rolling, you will need much more torque to get rolling. You also should not forget about the benefits when at a low RPM (revolutions per minute)

  • The boost to torque.
  • The immediate response for idle throttle.
  • And additional weight for things like skid plates, armor, accessories, and additional weight can be handled better.

What about safety?

There is no way getting around the issue that a Supercharger will adversely affect engine life. To avoid this, you should replace many of the regular parts with more durable ones.

My personal experience is with the Sprintex Supercharger.

Before I installation of the Supercharger, I researched information about it on forums, various websites, spoke with qualified professional mechanics, and with my close friends who had already boosted the response range of their Jeep.

I finally decided to try the Sprintex Supercharger. I was really excited about doing this and here are the numbers of how my performance changed.

  • Before Installation: 204 HP and 198 ft-lbs.
  • After Installation: 308 HP and 284 ft-lbs.
  • 53% increase in Horsepower.
  • 44% increase in Torque.

My first experience can be simply described as amazing. For my first experience, I was thrilled with the end result of what was achieved. My jeep reached exceptional performance and had noticiably higher efficiency to deliver instant boosts from low RPM. You can find more detail review of this supercharger here.

Turbocharger, Stroker or Supercharger

Some people have asked me why not install a stroker or turbocharger instead. It is a logical question, but I did not research, and I believe my choice was best for my needs. Here are some key advantages of the Supercharger.

  • additional power and instant low-end torque;
  • cost-effective, easy install, no lag, fast boost, removable and resealable;
  • a history of reliability
  • Only one day to get installed, running, and boosted.

Here are some key recommendations before you choose to do an installation

  • Make sure that your engine is in tip-top shape. Unless you have an excellent running engine You can't boost performance;
  • compression test (no low-pressure cylinders);
  • cooling system needs check (new coolant);
  • change oil and filter;
  • excellent O2 sensors;
  • ignition upgrade, cap, rotor, wires;
  • and don't forget new spark plugs;

In my case, I also added one can of Restore Oil since my engine over was 75k miles.

Can I install it by myself?

The best answer to this question is both yes and no. Of course, self-installation is always an option, but getting it to work well will be the tricky part. Just a warning that it takes about 10-14 hours for the proper installation of a Sprintex Supercharger.

Additional info about types of superchargers for Jeep Wrangler.

You may want to know more details about different models of superchargers (their pros and cons) for your Wrangler here.

2. Programmer for Jeep Wrangler.

traildash installed

Price estimations: $400 – $700

Benefits: Increased MPG, overall performance enhancement.

Difficulty: Easy – Hard

You may already know how vital the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is the operation of yourJeep. The ECU controls all processes which are related to the activity of your engine. If we want to remap your ECU, then you will need a programmer/tuner.

The differences between programmers and tuners?

There is almost no difference between these two terms. These terms are interchangeable. They mostly do the same job. Programmers and tuners are utilized to help boost your vehicle's performance.

Why would I want to do a remap?

The challenge is that manufacturers are often very conservative in the stock tune of factory delivered vehicles. They try to optimize your car for a wide range of requirements such types of movement and fuel quality. But you should know that your Jeep can have a greater performance power than the basic set up allows. In this case, the programmer helps us to increase engine power, reduce fuel consumption, have more torque, and cleaner emissions without mechanical intervention. Moreover, if we do not want to lose the benefits of improving the exhaust system, intake, or engine upgrades, then we will need to remap ECU.

Is it safe?

Of course, your systems will work more intensively. But existing programmers provide optimal settings for certain types of engines within the limits of admissibility.

My personal experience with the TrailDash 2 programmer.

I changed my old programmer with the new Superchips TrailDash 2 programmer. It is much more advanced but at the same time more expensive. Important: TrailDash 2 programmer is compatible with 2011-14 Wrangler JK. I am going to describe all the main features of TrailDash 2 programmer which I have already noticed. We can do the following things with the current programmer:

  • track and display the longitudinal and transverse rolls of the car;
  • record and display various logs of these parameters to monitor the dynamics of the vehicle over time;
  • set different limiters for speed and other parameters;
  • set conditions for automatic alerts if certain parameters are exceeded;
  • control the threshold of the tire pressure monitoring system and completely shut off the system;
  • disable and enable breakable stabilizer;
  • upload firmware for various operating conditions;
  • set the ignition timing angles;
  • adjust the sensitivity of the gas pedal;
  • track acceleration parameters to assess vehicle performance;
  • read error codes and reset them;
  • customize the entire interface, including the colors of individual elements.

What do I like? TrailDash 2 programmer has real-time displays of a number of parameters (speed, coolant temperature, transmission fluid temperature, air temperature entering the engine, power, torque, engine speed, on-board voltage, level, and fuel consumption, throttle opening degree, etc. ).

It’s really advanced programmer. But some of my friends did not want to spend money on this programmer and bought the Superchips 3571 Flashcal F5 Tuner. And what do you think? They were also satisfied with this tuner. Based on feedback from the owners of this tuner, it is the best value for money. Important: Superchips 3571 Flashcal F5 Tuner is compatible with 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK.

What do we have as a result?

Programmers and tuners will allow us to quickly switch between different tunes. This is especially beneficial for SUV's and diesel performance applications, where there may be various demands, such as increased torque for towing capabilities or increased fuel efficiency. Different programmers provide visual feedback of temperatures, horsepower, torque and help your engine run more efficiently, therefore increasing your MPGs


There are many factors you should consider as you try to get the best performance from your Jeep Wrangler. You need to consider if any other mods have been made to the vehicle before you. You will also need to consider issues related to model and year. Every year car manufacturers will make changes to a vehicle. These changes may seem small at first glance but can influence the effectiveness of a mod. Thus, you may have one mod that works well for one year not so great for the next.

The Supercharger is a great overall product you can use on your Jeep. The biggest issue you may face is installation. There are many how-to examples online, but you may want to get a professional to do it for you.

I hope this article has been insight for you for you. Happy Driving.