How to disinfect your truck and stay protected in 2020 [COVID-19 Guidance for Drivers]

by · Automotive Expert

Health and safety are the issues of high concern. Every day we expose ourselves to numerous germs, viruses, bacteria and whatsoever. The simplest way to get rid of them is wash your hands thoroughly and regularly, as well as apply some sanitizer when soap and water are not available, for instance. But it goes without saying that hands are not the only sources for germs to spread out. So we have to take care of everything we normally use, touch or get in some contact with.

Keep a track

Most of us are keen drivers and it means that we use and touch our vehicles hundreds of times a day. After attending some public place, we touch the handles, hold up to the steering wheel, turn over the radio stations and push buttons on our stereo systems. There are many more objects that can be mentioned.

Technically, we touch so many things automatically that even don’t keep a record of it. In the light of recent events, it increases our chances to get infected and bring some virus home.

This is a good reason to start thinking of the way to disinfect your truck and protect the family. I will share with you the most advisable products to use and the way to apply them inside your car in order not to do any damage and not to try to hard!

Hot Spots to Disinfect

Hot Spots to Disinfect

I’ll start with the “Liam Brooks’” list of hot spots to be disinfected in your truck:

  • First things first : door handles both from the inside and outside
  • Steering wheel
  • Control buttons
  • Seat adjusters
  • Gear shift
  • Seats
  • Cup holder
  • Sun visor
  • Any touchscreen thing

These are shortlisted spots. I am sure you know everything you touch on a daily basis but at times, we are so overwhelmed with the problems, concerns, issues we have to keep in our minds, that some really significant information just vanishes away. So I do believe if you use my modest list as a checklist, you will appreciate it anyway, right, guys?

What to use?

What to use?

The next thing I’d like to cover is which means of disinfection should be used. You know that the vehicle is made of a various number of materials.

Thus, they should be sanitized in different ways not to be damaged.

In case you don’t know what to pick, check the label on the product. The CDC provides a list products that are safe and can be applied to different surfaces. You can find them here

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, alcohol solutions that contain at least 70 percent alcohol will be effective at killing any germs.

This means nearly every interior surface of your car can be sanitized with isopropyl alcohol-based cleaners you already use around the house. If you want to use professional cleaners sprays I can personally recommend you look at this.

When you start cleaning your leather seats, don’t be too hard on them. Otherwise, the dye of your seats will fade off if not be removed at all in the end. Use microfiber to have a gentle rubbing and avoid any extra scratches, cuts or something. If you have fabric seats, don’t apply too much water on them coz they can hardly dry fast and can have strong and unpleasant smell afterwards.

In case you have to deal with transporting people or giving a ride frequently, I’d really pay your attention to this product.

isolation film

Disinfecting Touchscreens

Disinfecting Touchscreens

Whereas, when it comes to disinfecting your touchscreens, be gentle as well. Follow the instructions below:

In case you are on a tough budget, you can always use soap and water. It is the cheapest and as reliable as any other disinfectant stuff you can purchase. Use the liquid gently and give it time to air-dry.

In conclusion, guys

I’d like to add that staying protected is really important. It will help you prevent or decrease the chances of getting infected and will definitely help you protect your family. Besides sanitizing your car, remember that the first thing is keep your hands clean and disinfected.

Stay safe and cheered up!