Best Catch Can For 392 Hemi (2020)

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Talking from my rich work experience, I can assure you that nowadays not using an oil catch can is a crime committed towards your own truck! If you care, you will never dare!

Oil catch cans are simple devices that can greatly benefit your direct injection engine. They prevent oil and other contaminants from causing buildup inside your engine's intake manifold. They do boost the performance of your truck and help with fuel economy.

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I recommend:

our pick

JLT Oil Separator 3.0

Good quality, fast installation and perfect service – all three in one

This item will take you 15 minutes to be installed, it is really easy to be serviced, has really good durability

best value

Ruien Universal

Keeps your engine clean under any driving conditions

I would highly recommend this item, firstly because it’s a good product for this money. It has a long lifespan and it’s easy to be serviced. Just take care of a hose provided in the package. It is better be changed from the start.


Sporacingrts Compact Baffled

A dual-can set up will ensure your safety

I would really recommend this product firstly due its price. It serves well despite your driving habits and preferences and it won’t take much time and effort to install and service the item.

Nowadays the market offers a wide range of oil catch cans and the price span is also wide. So everyone can pick something they want and can afford.

Read through my short list of oil catch cans for 392 hemi. They are all worth your attention and pretty affordable!

Table of Best catch can for 392 Hemi

NameOur ratingcapacityyear periodenginepriceShops
JLT Oil Separator 3.0
3.0 oz11-18392 hemi 6.4L$$$
Ruien Universal
13 oz-universal$$
Sporacingrts Compact Baffled
12/7,5 oz-universal$

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Best Catch Can For 392 Hemi

JLT Oil Separator 3.0

Our rating:

JLT Oil Separator 3.0 was specifically designed to boost the performance better than ever.

This item is pretty solid, it has a bumpy tank base, which makes draining it much easier and an O-ring seal so that it could restrain any leaks.

Filtering consists of a fine stainless steel screen that catches fine oil vapors and releases them once heavy enough to fall.

By the moment the oil passes through the filter it's too heavy to reach the intake. The tank normally can take up to 3 oz of fluid.

It has to be drained every 2000 -3000 miles

Key features:

  • solid Billet Aluminum Construction
  • good performance, 3 oz capacity
  • passenger side mount

Product score:

  • performance (9/10)
  • quality (9/10)
  • price (7/10)


  • easy to install
  • long lifespan
  • good value for money
  • hose may not fit

Ruien Universal Aluminum Oil Catch Can

Our rating:

This item catches the oil and moisture in the blow by gas that triggers carbon and dirt build-up in the intake system and the engine. All oil vapor thrown by your turbo charged motor before it can damage your vehicle’s performance.

This catch can will retain the dirt and oil get inside your engine from your intake system.

This item boosts horsepower and prolongs your engine life includes hoses, clamps and mount bracket.

It can fit any car which gives it more advantage over other products in the market.

It is made of high quality 0046 Aluminum which makes it more powerful and durable. Along with these advantages it is also very lightweight and easy to install.

It comes with O-ring gasket so that to restrain any oil leakage. You don’t need to dismantle it, all you need is unscrew the bottom part of the reservoir in order to scour it up.

Key features:

  • made of high-quality Aluminum
  • comes with O-ring gasket
  • excellent performance
  • durable

Product score:

  • performance (7/10)
  • quality (9/10)
  • price (8/10)


  • build quality is really good for the price
  • all the pieces fit nicely together
  • increases performance
  • hoses are not good quality
  • instruction doesn’t come with the item

Sporacingrts Compact Baffled

Our rating:

This oil catch can will protect your intake tract and valves from the damaging effects of blow-by and carbon accumulation. Its dual can set up catches air-fuel mixture leakage both from PCV and CCV systems.

What’s more, its thick steel brackets won’t bend, rattle, or break under heavy driving conditions. Filters and cans that this item goes with are fully serviceable.

The powder-coated steel bracket is solid enough to handle any terrain you might take. It makes no difference whether you go off-road or drive around the city, your vehicle is guaranteed protection.

Key features:

  • cans for long service intervals
  • includes quick-disconnected fittings
  • works perfectly under any road conditions

Product score:

  • performance (7/10)
  • quality (7/10)
  • price (8/10)


  • easy installation
  • good quality
  • none


I do hope my choice of oil cans was helpful. As you can see all of them have plenty of advantages and are really well-made.

The quality of these products is high, so you don’t have to worry about that at all. Their service will be long-lasting for sure.

As for affordability, you might have noticed that even “our pick” product has a good value for money. If you are not ready to spend much, there are some decent products which I can call a real bargain!


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