6 Best leveling & lift kits for Toyota Tundra & Buyers Guide (2020)

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After a tough day at my garage, I like to take a bottle of beer and watch some Monster Jam. I`ve been watching this show since I was living with my parents. And all that time, I was trying to lift father's Toyota Hilux. The nostalgia of looking for bigger suspension systems and tires is hitting me up to this day. And now, the market offers such a range of leveling and lifting kits that one can get lost there. I do love lift kits firstly, because they are perfect for off-road rides, and that is all about me. However, they can cause some alterations to your steering geometry. No worries, I know how to deal with that and can give you a helping hand!

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I recommend:

our pick

AIR LIFT Spring Kit

Best value for money

It allows you to use large tires, keeps your car clean as much as possible. Cheap. Makes it possible to carry large loads.

best value

Tuff Country 52070

Your American bro

By using this kit, you may not notice changes in riding or on the road, but the quality of the ride will change for the better. The country of production is America.

The machine world is developing at a lightning speed and people often do not have time to keep track of the novelties. With the same speed, different parts of machines are developed and improved.

This article will discuss the leveling kits for the Toyota Tundra. The main purpose of this article is to familiarize the driver with the kit and to be able to independently pick the best on his choice. Experts say that many people do not even know the elementary about the leveling kit for their car.

This leads to frequent damage, breakage and replacement of the kit. That's why I chose the top of the best kits for your Toyota and gave you the opportunity to choose a set based on criteria such as: price, strength, durability, area

Types of leveling kit

Most people do not know about the leveling kit, so they can not decide which kit they should choose. I have decided to tell you about four basic types of sets that you can correctly choose a leveling kit.

Strut Extensions. It is designed to give a ride on the axle, more space. It also easily compresses the spring springs, which improves the height of your ride.

Torsion Keys. Torsion keys are always durable, since their main goal is to cope with the additional load. They provide a safe and effective alignment of the machine

Coil Spacers. It is similar to the two previous ones and is almost the same for efficiency. One difference is that the spacer coils are mounted on the top of the factory spring.

Block Kits. Blocks kits are the standard way of aligning a car with a front leaf spring suspension. Good for freight or towing. Verified and simplified way.

One of the best features of the leveling kit is that they are not only beautiful, but also provide an opportunity to hang clearance for large disks and tires. However, it should be noted that all kits are not universal, so when choosing a leveling kit, make sure that it is suitable for your truck.

Table of Best leveling & lift kits for Toyota Tundra

NameOur ratingType Important characteristicsYear of the carPriceShops
AIR LIFT Spring Kit
Leveling kit Pneumatic springs allow you to adjust the height of the car 2009-2014$$
Tuff Country 52070
Leveling kit All spare parts are made of durable aluminum 2007-2018$$
RTZ Leveling Lift Kit
Leveling kitRear metal blocks are covered with a certain powder2007-2015$$
WULF Leveling Lift Kit
Lift kitIn addition: front gaskets and reinforced extended shock absorbers.2007-2018$$$
SDT Lift & Leveling Kit
Leveling kit Durability and long quality for professional drivers 2004-2017$$
Rough Country 87000
Leveling kitlift your front of your car at 2.5 - 3 inches 2007-2018$$$

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Best leveling & lift kits for Toyota Tundra

AIR LIFT Series Rear Air Spring Kit (60818 1000)

Our rating:

This kit is quite comfortable, as with the auxiliary air springs, it provides comfort and safety. Also, due to this kit, the weight of the car is distributed not on the front or just the rear, but on all four tires, which maximizes the safety of the ride. This contributes to better braking, and reduces tire wear.

You can forget about a rough ride or squatting or understatement.

This air kit is popular among drivers who often carry large loads or tow them. Since the main purpose of this kit is to increase the carrying capacity to one thousand pounds.

Mike Hawkfrom CA, Tundra 2012, said:

Before installing Air Lift 1000, I was concerned about how it would improve the towing in my truck, cuz my rear axle couldn't handle loads of my trailer. So, after I installed it, right off the bat, there is a lot of feedback on the axle. Now it`s stiffer then it was.

Do not exceed the weight recommended by the manufacturer!

Pneumatic springs allow you to adjust the height of the car for precise alignment when towing the trailer, and also eliminate the vibrations of the trailer. The installation is fairly easy, you need about three hours of your time. You do not need to use any special tools, you only need your mind. The price for such a high quality kit is simply nothing.

Key features:

  • Easy installation
  • Weight distributed on four tires
  • Excludes squatting, lowering and rough riding


  • Brand: AirLift
  • Model: 60818
  • Weight: 3.35 pounds

Product score:

  • ease of installation(10/10)
  • durability (8/10)
  • offroad comfort (10/10)
  • lift level (8/10)


  • Smooth ride
  • Maximizes the safety on the road
  • Cheap
  • Increase the carrying capacity
  • good for towing
  • California Proposition 65

Tuff Country 52070 2 inch Leveling kit

Our rating:

This leveling kit will lift your level and equates front and rear of your Tundra car. This will allow you to use larger tires which help keep your car clean. These kits support the factory resistance, which improves the factory trip. All spare parts are made of durable aluminum. The main purpose of this kit is easy installation on a large selection of cars (2008-2011 Toyota Sequoia, Toyota 4runner)

without the need to install new shock absorbers.

The installation time is fairly short, because you can install this kit yourself literally in two or three hours.

Experts recommend picking tires of this size 32 x 10.5.

The price is quite acceptable.

Key features:

  • made of durable aluminum
  • installation short and easy
  • size of this tires 32 x 10.5.


  • Brand: Tuff Country
  • Model: 52070
  • Weight: 5.38

Product score:

  • ease of installation(10/10)
  • durability (8/10)
  • offroad comfort (10/10)
  • lift level (8/10)


  • Easy to install
  • Make your ride more comfortable
  • You can use large tiers
  • California Proposition 65
  • Excludes TRD Pro models

RTZ - Fits Toyota Tundra Fabricated Steel Blocks Leveling Lift Kit

Our rating:

RTZ allows you to lift up your level to 2.5 - 3 front panels and 1 on the rear. the material from which the front spacers are made is quite durable, because it is a polyurethane of 94 durometer.

Thanks to this you will feel a smooth ride without excessive vibration. And you can forget about cracks or breakdown for a long time. Rear metal blocks are covered with a certain powder that protects against rust and external damage. Installation is quite easy, but manufacturers are asked to read the guide before installing, which clearly and in detail describes each item.

Shawn Torguefrom YourMechanic, wrote to me:

The best way I could describe this is tougher than stock, but certainly not harsh. Nose diving during braking and turning is greatly reduced. Elongated shackles should be a better choice for ride comfort than blocks at the back. I recommend RTZ leveling kit for it`s cost and well-trusted service.

Experts advise to check a kit in an auto service for at least once every 5 years. With this kit you can travel in different territories and in the worst weather conditions.

Made in America. Nice price.

Key features:

  • forget about cracks or breakdown
  • rear metal blocks are covered with powder
  • stainless steel
  • polyurethane of 94 durometer


  • Brand: RTZ

Product score:

  • ease of installation(10/10)
  • durability (10/10)
  • offroad comfort (10/10)
  • lift level (8/10)


  • material is quite durable
  • smooth ride
  • has instruction
  • installation is quite easy
  • none

WULF Leveling Lift Kit

Our rating:

This kit is well suited for both two-wheeled and four-wheeled. This kit was designed to lift your machine evenly without bundling and cutting off the extra parts. The lift spacers is based on extremely heavy technology to overcome even the most demanding reliefs that you will move around.

This leveling kit has any different drop like: front gaskets, a bunch of bolts, shackles and reinforced extended shock absorbers.

The kit also includes an instruction that helps to set the leveling kit on its own.

Will Dergofrom YourMechanic, CA, wrote to me:

The lift kit from Wulf not only raise the front suspension up to 3-inches and rare up to 2-inches, but it takes the rake out of the front of your truck. Plus, you get the award-winning Wulf shock absorbers – featuring application-specific valving and high-pressure gas inside – that you’ll notice an improved ride and a polished aggressive look from the units brushed and plated appearance.

It is also complemented with adjustable rear shackles, it gives you the ability to adjust the lift between 1.5 and 2.1.

This helps you make your ride safer. The company carefully approached the design of this kit to provide the highest quality product. The price shows that the kit is not cheap, but it's worth it.

Key feature:

  • Has different interesting drop
  • Good for bad reliefs
  • Lift your machine evenly


  • Brand: Wulf
  • Model: TRD 3

Product score:

  • ease of installation(10/10)
  • durability (8/10)
  • offroad comfort (9/10)
  • lift level (9/10)


  • You can adjust the lift as convenient to you
  • Includes an instruction
  • Make your ride safer
  • Easy to install
  • Price

SDT Full Lift Leveling Kit

Our rating:

If you are tired of frequent breakage or replacement of the leveling kit, then I have an interesting offer for you. SDT is one of the most well-known and popular companies in the field of mechanical engineering.

It is well suited for harsh professionals and hardcore enthusiasts, who spend almost all the time on the road. So if you are a guy who have little have much experience on the road, I suggest you choose another leveling kit.

Sometimes you will not find the guidance in the kit, because people who choose this kit know again what to do. Also this kit has a good price. The manufacturer guarantees durability and long quality.

Key features:

  • front lift 3 - inch
  • rear lift 1,5 - inch

Product score:

  • ease of installation(8/10)
  • durability (8/10)
  • offroad comfort (7/10)
  • lift level (8/10)


  • Durable product
  • High quality
  • Nice price
  • Good for off road
  • For professional drivers

Rough Country 87000 2.5-3 inch Leveling & Lift Kit

Our rating:

One of the standard kits will allow you to lift in front of your car at 2.5 - 3 inches, and equalize with the rear part. This kit gives you a chance to install tire sizes up to 33 inches. For people who like to attach trailers to trucks and transport some items, there are two additional sets of spacer shims.

What about installation, you can install it by yourself. It takes three or four hours. To install you do not need to have a compressor. Rear blocks are metal, might be weak.

Many experts advise to give your car a review at least once every two years.

This kit is useful for drivers who don't drive often and don't drive at very long distances. Unfortunately this kit isn't suitable for XSP-X and TRD Pro models. The price is quite high.

Key features:

  • two additional sets of spacer shims
  • Rear blocks are metal
  • lift front of your car at 2.5 - 3 inches


  • Brand: Rough Country
  • Model: 87000
  • Weight: 18.35 pounds

Product score:

  • ease of installation(10/10)
  • durability (5/10)
  • offroad comfort (8/10)
  • lift level (7/10)


  • Easy installation
  • Can attach trailers
  • Price
  • Not suitable for XSP-X and TRD Pro models
  • Not very durable

Best leveling & lift kits for Toyota Tundra Buying Guide & FAQ

How to install a lit

Among lots of questions that one may be asking oneself before choosing a proper kit is the way it should be installed. And the complexity of installation is one of the main criterion, apart from the price, which may put you off. If it concerns you, you should know that most leveling kits presented in the article above are really easy to be installed.

Even in case you don’t have any mechanical skills and have no experience, you will manage the installation with the help of a few friends of yours. However, you have to know that after the installation is done, you have to align your front and back ends. Some may need professional help with this.

Here is some direction to follow, in case you need extra help

How long does it take?

Leveling kit installation may take a few days. If you do it with the Dealership or Car Service, you must be ready that it will take between 10-12 hours up to 2 days. What’s more, you should know that the charge for installation is pretty high. The labor may cost between 1000$ and 1800$. It definitely depends on the leveling kit you’ve got.

If you decide to install it in your garage, you will spend more time for sure. Firstly, many kits require strut compressor for installation, as well as hydraulic jack. Thus, you have to be ready to find these in advance, otherwise you may need professional help. There are also some challenges to make some parts fit properly, thus you must be ready for extra work and expenses as well.

How to choose an installer?

In case you decided not to bother yourself and have a professional help with installation, you need to be careful when choosing the one. Nowadays the market offers lots of shops ready to help you and overcharge you, since 2-4 hours of labor may cost between 150 to 300$. Thus, the longer the installation is, the more you have to pay.

Firstly, make sure that the shop has a guarantee for installation. You will also need to align your front and end parts after the kit is installed, so check out if the shop has an alignment rack and if they provide their guarantee for this as well.

A lift isn`t the same as leveling kit

Without a doubt, the easiest, most effective and the most common way of increasing the clearance of your truck is by using a leveling kit. A leveling kit mounts on the front struts by lifting the front of the truck about two inches making it level with the rear, but eliminates the rake of the truck and only lifts the front two inches. These kits are going to give your truck a more aggressive look and allow you to run up to a 33-inch tire.

But the thing is, the leveling kit is really just a cosmetic upgrade. It's not a performance upgrade. Do you want better performance, off-road and just general drive? Do a suspension lift kit. They are a little bit more expensive, but they`ll change the shock, length, spring, upper and low control arms. Every kit is going to be a little bit different, depends how big you wanna go.

Best leveling & lift kits for Toyota Tundra FAQ

Q: What tools are required to install a leveling kit?

As soon as you’ve decided to lift your Tundra and install a leveling kit, you have to think over the tools you may need for this. If you’ve never done it before, you will definitely need some help from either a more experienced friend or someone professional.

Before you get started, make sure you have all you need for installation. Bear in mind the fact that some kits require a strut compressor, which you might not have in your garage. Here is a short list of tools that have to be at hand:

  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Tire iron
  • 3/8-inch ratchet
  • and socket set
  • Open-end wrench set
  • 10mm Socket
  • Hydraulic floor jack
  • Torque wrench
  • Standard socket set
  • Tape measure

Follow the instructions carefully and you will be really pleased with the result.

Q: Will I need an alignment after the leveling kit installation?

Definitely, yes. After having any kind of suspension modifications, you need an alignment. In case if you don’t have it, it can cause unpredictable driving characteristics.

Alignment makes sure that your tires meet the road at the proper angle, your wheels look straight, as well as your tires are centered perfectly in the wheels. It will help to adapt your wheels to original specs.

If you ignore alignment after installing leveling kit, your camber and β€œtoe” will be off. It can make your driving twitchy as well as premature wearing out of your tires. Thus, after installation of the leveling kit, alignment is really needed, moreover, as soon as possible.

Q: How to choose the height of the leveling kit?

Nowadays the assortment of the leveling kits is really rich. Thus, many may wonder what the height of the kit depends on. The answer is really simple: the use of the car and your purpose. In case, if you want your car just to have a better look, the leveling kit 2” will do with most Tundras.

It will be a perfect choice to level the looks. In case you are planning to drive off-road frequently, the kit should be higher than that. However, don’t forget to consider some more changes besides the leveling kit: wheels, tires, spacers. However, don’t forget to consider some


All in all, if you are planning modifications for your Toyota Tundra, all the leveling kits listed above in the article are worth your attention. All of them are really easy to be installed and you may not need any extra charges for professional assistance.

Most leveling kits are made of aluminum, which makes them really durable, whereas some of them have special powder cover for rust and external damage protection. When choosing the proper kit for you, don’t forget that whichever you choose, the installation of the kit must be followed by the alignment of the wheels. It will help your tires live longer and serve better.

After installing the kit, you may need to change the wheels and tires as well to match the height of your vehicle. However, if your goal is just to make the car look more attractive, the kit 2” will do a really good job. Moreover, it is visually appealing and will meet your performance need as well as it is a budget friendly modification.

If you decide to use the shop or dealership service to assist you with kit installation, don’t forget to make sure as for warranty details. Also negotiate how long the kit will be installed in advance since sometimes it may require longer terms you expected. The longer the term, the higher the bill. However, if you consider all our recommendations, you will never get into a trap!However, don’t forget to consider some


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