3 Best spark plugs for 2014 f150 EcoBoost (2023)

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I am so much keen on my job that at times I can’t even think of anything else I could be doing. I feel so grateful to my father who introduced to me all the nuances of the automotive industry and I fell in love with that all straightaway.

I love recalling my first experience working in the garage and my failures, for sure, since they are the best teachers, you know. And today I remembered my first time I had to deal with replacing the spark plugs in a truck. The hardest thing was to identify that the malfunction was due to the spark plug at all.

The thing is that nowadays the market offers a wide range of spark plugs and everyone can choose what he wants or at least what he can afford. But in those days we were not that spoiled and privileged, unfortunately. In the early 1980s copper plugs were just introduced into the market. And you know what, it was a breakthrough. Before that people had to replace their spark plugs every few months, can you imagine that?!

Copper spark plugs provided excellent heat transfer and improved anti-fouling. However, Bosch recognized the value of platinum and started adding it to their spark plugs, which boosted performance, improved corrosion and erosion resistance.

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I recommend:

our pick


Perfect choice to resolve the misfires issue and enhance performance

This item is perfect for stock, tuned, and supercharged trucks. It will make a significant difference in starting your vehicle. Make sure that the gapping is appropriate and use anti-seize and dielectric grease when installing the spark plugs.

runner up

NGK Laser Iridium

Super long service life, mileage increase, dependability and smoother run of your truck - what can be better

These spark plugs are a dependable and durable product. They provide a long service life and make your car performance much better. However, there may be increased fuel consumption and gapping must be checked carefully.

best value

Bosch Double Iridium

If you are looking for a durable, corrosion resistant and reliable spark plug, this is exactly the one you need

These spark plugs do make your car start faster and perform better, as well as help with fuel economy. However, the installation is more sophisticated than with the other plugs. And in addition, there are a lot of complaints as for the authenticity of the product.

Today you have a rich assortment of much better products. These spark plugs will help accelerate the start of your truck, decrease emissions, boost performance and fuel economy. There are so many advantages today that I can hardly believe we used to live without them 30 years ago!

So go ahead and don’t miss it all out!

Table of Best spark plugs for 2014 f150 EcoBoost

NameOur ratingdurabilityheat rangegappriceShops
50-60k miles60.035$$
NGK Laser Iridium
100k miles70,044$$$
Bosch Double Iridium
70-80k miles91$$

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Best spark plugs for 2014 f150 EcoBoost


Our rating:

Being the main source of power in any petrol engine, spark plugs deserve most scrupulous attention. This spark plug in particular was designed to generate a clean and intense burn.

Due to the fact that it is made of iridium, it is highly resistant to fouling, corrosion, and general wear.

The plugs are simple, easy replacements for your vehicle’s factory plugs and are an excellent way to squeeze improved performance out of your truck.

Misfires due to carbon buildup are common with the Ecoboost engine, so make sure you change them out before the manufacturers’ recommended lifetime. Motocraft will help you resolve misfire issues and improve performance greatly.

You will notice that your truck moves smoother, has more horsepower and gets better starts.

The installation is simple and won’t take a lot of time, however, using anti-seize on the threads and some dielectric grease in the spark plug boot is highly recommended.

Key features:

  • longevity
  • iridium-tipped
  • resolves misfires and boosts performance** **

Product score:

  • performance (9/10)
  • quality (8/10)
  • price (8/10)


  • easy to install
  • long lifespan
  • perfect replacement of factory plugs
  • gapping must be checked carefully

NGK Laser Iridium

Our rating:

This product has an advantage over the other ones due to its superior ignitability and long service life since laser iridium spark plugs feature a platinum pad on the ground electrode.

They ensure slow wear rate providing stable idle, superior anti fouling, improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Longer insulator nose prevents fouling. Corrugated ribs on insulator helps avoid flashover, and the triple gasket seal eliminates combustion gas leakage

These spark plugs will provide you with twice faster starts and acceleration. In addition, it guarantees fuel economy and lower emissions.

They are really dependable spark plugs and you can always rely on them. If you are hesitating as for installation, be sure you can handle it by yourself.

It will take you 20-30 minutes and all you need is a proper socket and ratchet, but make sure you have an extension to reach the spark plug.

As for the disadvantage or major complaints that people make, there can be a few listed. Thus, some claim that the consumption of fuel increased after they started using these plugs however, these are more exceptions than tendency.

As usual, there can be gapping issue. It may happen that the spark plugs arrive with a different gapping range, so double check everything.

Key features:

  • long service life
  • low emissions
  • fuel economy
  • stable idle ** **

Product score:

  • performance (9/10)
  • quality (8/10)
  • price (7/10)


  • improves car performance
  • durability
  • simple installation
  • high fuel efficiency
  • poor packaging may happen, increased fuel consumption may occur
  • different gapping range

Bosch Double Iridium

Our rating:

These spark plugs will amaze you with their double iridium firing pin and ground electrode inlay. It simply means that they will serve you four times longer than any other spark plug in the market. The ultra-fine wire design and laser welded tapered ground electrode guarantee optimum performance.

Installation may be a bit time-consuming. Make sure you have all the tools listed below in our Buyer's Guide

Otherwise, it will be very hard to remove and install the metal covered spark plug boots without damaging them.

The time range you may spend on replacing the spark plugs depends on your skills and experience but it will be a more challenging task if compared with the other spark plugs installation.

You don’t need anti-seize, as the plug is plated to avoid corrosion while allowing proper torque readings. Use dielectric tune-up grease on the inside of the plug boots, which will prevent boot damage and stop high-voltage terminal corrosion.

Also, I’d recommend using a thin film of dielectric grease on battery posts and terminals to stop corrosion and loss of battery voltage to the electrical system.

Key features:

  • long service life
  • perfect performance
  • requires up to 24% less voltage to ignite ** **

Product score:

  • performance (8/10)
  • quality (7/10)
  • price (8/10)


  • better fuel economy up to 20%
  • improves car performance
  • durability
  • corrosion resistant
  • there are a lot of fake products
  • authenticity must be checked carefully
  • some parcels arrive open and the threads on the plugs are found rusty

Best spark plugs for 2014 f150 EcoBoost Buying Guide

Spark plugs are essential for our cars. You can’t ignore their significant role in the truck’s performance. Luckily, all the plugs listed above are worth attention. There are some differences but all of them will do a good job. Please, be careful with fake products, which is a common case nowadays and double check everything before you organize installation. They won’t damage the truck but will work a few weeks/months at maximum. So you will have to replace them again and will have extra expenses.

Apart from this, gapping makes the difference as well. There may be the case that the plugs you order arrive in different gapping. So just be cautious!

What tools do I need for installation of Bosch Double Iridium spark plugs?

You need the following:

  1. plug wire remover wrench
  2. 5/8 spark plug socket (3/8 drive works best)
  3. 3/8 drive 3" extension and 3/8 ratchet
  4. Compressed air via 1/4" hard hose to blow out plug bores before removal
  5. Torque wrench to torque back in (28Nm on my model and year)


Hope my short outline of the products will help you make the right choice. I’ve been working with trucks for over 30 years, you know. And there is so much to share with you. I know how hard it can be to pick the right thing for your truck and save money not affecting the quality. I was not that lucky many years ago since we didn’t have the Internet and the only one who could help you out was your more experienced fellow or a row of failures, which would make you learn the lesson.

Unfortunately, working with trucks doesn’t let you make as many mistakes as you may need in order to learn the right thing. So I was assisting some older guys in the garage and asking hundreds of questions. And today I have a chance to share with you all I’ve gained through these years.


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