Best spark plugs for Ford Edge & Expert Advice (2023)

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If you are looking for a perfect set of spark plugs for your Ford Edge, ask me. I am Liam Brooks and I’ve been working as a mechanic as long as I can remember. So,guys, I do know it in and out. Check out my outline of the best characteristics and potential flaws of the product.

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These plugs are a good value for money. They will enhance your truck performance and make your driving smooth and comfortable. Their trivalent metal plating provides superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties. Before installation the spark plugs may need to be gapped to fit your specs properly. Thus make sure you have all necessary tools.

Best spark plugs for Ford Edge

The NGK Iridium IX

Our rating:

Iridium alloy has a really high melting point which guarantees high performance to your truck. They are produced from durable materials and will serve you for ages.

The NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs are unique since they have laser welded fine iridium tip which establishes high durability and a steadily stable spark.

Moreover, a tapered ground electrode which reduces electrical quenching effect. Also the corrugated ribs on the insulator prevent flashover and a triple gasket seal excludes combustion gas leakage.

These spark plugs are really easy to install. You don’t need any professional guidance; even those ones who are not car experts can handle it. What you might need is gapping. Still a plug may fit many various engines, thus gapping is important so that it is appropriate for your engine in particular. It will help you avert pre-ignition, fouling and poor fuel economy. So exactly for these reasons you will have to gap each plug to your car and engine's specs, otherwise expect nasty idle and performance. To adjust the distance properly between the two electrodes, known as gapping, you need a feeler gauge. So make such you have a gap tool.

The NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs take less voltage to fire. Consequently, it results in more coil dwell time. That turns to better combustion, lower emissions and more horsepower. It’s claimed that the fuel mileage improves dramatically.

These plugs will make you pleased with the power they provide your truck with and how smooth the starts will be after you install them. Acceleration gets better as well and with the time you will see that the fuel economy is pretty high, which is another advantage for sure.

Nowadays there are a lot of frauds and you must be really careful not to be trapped with the fake spark plugs. Thus, double check all characteristics when you get your purchase and make sure you receive what was stated in the guide. Otherwise, it may cause your extra expenses or even significant damages.

Key features:

  • fine wire Iridium center electrode
  • high melting point
  • consistently stable spark
  • long service life
  • superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties

Product score:

  • Performance (9/10)
  • Quality (9/10)
  • Price (7/10)


  • easy to install
  • long lifespan
  • high engine performance
  • fuel economy
  • might need gapping for your particular specs
  • however
  • the plugs come pre-gapped
  • pricey


If you are looking for something dependable, durable and trustworthy, NGK Iridium IX spark plugs are exactly what you need. They will boost your truck performance greatly and make your car running much smoother. These plugs will provide extreme ignitibility, advance throttle response and anti-corrosion and anti-seizing features.