2 Best spark plugs for Volvo s40 / s80 & Expert Opinion (2023)

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I recommend:

our pick

NGK (7092) G-Power

High quality of the product is a real value for money

The product is made of high standard product and will have a long life service. You can rely on it and enjoy the benefits of fuel economy, reduced emissions, quicker acceleration and high performance. However, they may have wrong gapping and poor packaging which may cause damage to the product

runner up

Autolite AP5325-4PK

Want to increase your fuel economy, grab these plugs

These spark plugs have a long life span and highly reliable. They will help you with fuel saving, as well as faster starts and acceleration. Although you need to check if you get appropriately gapped plugs and check them for being damaged or out of work.

If you still can make the right choice of spark plugs for your Volvo, use my tips and outline to get a more profound understanding of what you need and what the market offers you.

Table of Best spark plugs for Volvo s40 / s80

NameOur ratingmateriallifespansetpriceShops
NGK (7092) G-Power
Autolite AP5325-4PK

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Best spark plugs for Volvo s40 / s80

NGK (7092) G-Power

Our rating:

These spark plugs will do a good service for you and your truck. Laser Iridium spark plugs guarantee superior ignitability and long service life. They are also designed to improve fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and provide quicker starts while remaining durable under high heat. Platinum spark plugs provide maximum spark with minimal voltage required and ensure precise gap during the life of the plug. Tip ensures high durability and greater spark. Platinum disc welded to backside of ground electrode provides long life.

Longer insulator nose prevents fouling. Corrugated ribs on insulator prevents flashover, and the triple gasket seal eliminates combustion gas leakage. Faster starts and quicker acceleration

This product is definitely made of quality materials, thus it is absolutely reliable and dependable. As soon as these plugs are installed, your car will have instant starts up and will run like a scalded dog! You will feel the benefits of fuel economy straightaway.

However, the most common flaw they do have is wrong gapping. You may need to adjust the gap but it won’t be really time-consuming or costly. The other thing you need to pay attention to is packaging. There are a lot of complaints as for poor packaging. So they can be pretty vulnerable to damage during shipping. Double-check the spark plugs on the spot.

Key features:

  • smooth and fast starts
  • high ignitability
  • long life service
  • high fuel economy

Product score:

  • Performance (9/10)
  • Quality (9/10)
  • Price (8/10)


  • durability
  • high quality
  • wrong gapping
  • poor packaging
  • misfires may take place

Autolite AP5325-4PK

Our rating:

These spark plugs are designed to satisfy all your needs as for improving performance durability. They fire much faster and cleaner with less voltage for easier starts, quicker acceleration and improved fuel economy.

Its full platinum tip assures no gap erosion which leads to longer life span. It is leak proven and heat fused which will guarantee durability and reliability of the plugs. As well as Nickel-plated steel shell is designed for long-life corrosion resistance.

You will benefit greatly with these spark plugs. They will help you with fuel savings and decrease emissions and corrosion. You will spot that the car will start up much quicker and smoother. However, if you come across the misfire issue consider changing not only spark plugs but the ignition coils as well.

In addition, I’d recommend to check the plugs for any oil or coolant leakage. Unless it is stopped, you won’t get rid of a misfire problem.

Key features:

  • long life service
  • fuel economy
  • quick acceleration

Product score:

  • Performance (9/10)
  • Quality (8/10)
  • Price (7/10)


  • durability
  • lower emissions
  • great performance
  • wrong gapping
  • misfires
  • damaged items


No matter which final choice you’ll make, you’ll definitely benefit from your purchase. These spark plugs are really dependable and high standard products. They will dramatically boost your truck performance and guarantee instant starts up. Bear in mind the gapping issue and vulnerability to damage and enjoy a good run!