Best spark plugs for Volvo XC90 & Expert Opinion (2023)

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Here we go, it’s time to give your Volvo XC90 new spark plugs and make it work better than ever. I, Liam Brooks, have seen lots of plugs in my life as a mechanic and I do know what you have to bear in mind when choosing the proper one. Want a tip? Get it!

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Best spark plugs for Volvo XC90

Denso Platinum TT

Our rating:

Denso Platinum TT spark plugs are double platinum plugs. These items provide a steady spark to generate soft, stable combustion of the air-fuel mixture. This converts to great motor permanency, fuel efficiency, and performance. Another impressive feature is purified alumina powder, which is used as an insulator to increase thermal conductivity for the best longevity.

Machine rolled threads prevent seizing or cross threading during installation and removal. 100% pre-fired to assure the highest quality possible. Purified alumina powder insulator provides exceptional strength and thermal conductivity. Five rib insulator prevents flashover. Copper-glass seal bonds center electrode and insulator for a gas-tight seal. It maintains proper heat and excludes hot combustion gases.

They tend to get hot a lot faster than other plugs. This is actually a benefit because it means any contaminants that get on it will get burnt up. Whenever you have less debris, you have a gentle running ignition system.

Denso Platinum TT has platinum coating both the center and ground electrodes. This is more efficient and longer-lasting which makes these plugs a great choice for a wasted spark ignition system, which exerts more wear on both electrodes than do other ignition systems.

However, there are a few defects that can be discovered with these double-platinum spark plugs. At times, the gap can be incorrectly set on some of the plugs. This is why it’s crucial that you check out the gap and modify it accordingly.

If your plugs are not compatible with your truck be ready for misfires and engine kicking. Keep in mind that they are not as durable as iridium spark plugs so you might have a need to change them much sooner than you expected.

As many spark plugs today, the gap is occasionally set incorrectly. For this reason you need to double check all featured details as soon as the purchase arrives. If you are not able to set a proper gap by yourself, you do need to be careful since you can damage the plug greatly.

Denso Platinum TT are decent and affordable plugs which will do you a good service. Nevertheless they may give in to some top products; they are worth paying attention to them and purchasing. So go for it!

Key features:

  • stable spark
  • reliable combustion
  • prevents seizing
  • enhances performance

Product score:

  • Performance (7/10)
  • Quality (7/10)
  • Price (9/10)


  • affordable price
  • provide a reliable spark
  • high performance and fuel efficiency
  • not durable
  • gap might be inappropriate


Denso Platinum TT spark plugs are more efficient and guarantee more longevity and performance than any other platinum spark plug. It offers you a range of advantageous features and at the same time won’t stretch you too much financially. It’s an affordable product that can take over the best product of the market.