Best spark plugs for Acura MDX & Expert Advice (2023)

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Hi there, guys, I’d like to give you a helping hand with choosing the best spark plugs for your Acura MDX. I know how tough it can be to pick the right one for your truck considering the range of goods in the market. So want to share my expertise with you! Check this out!

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This product is a perfect choice if you want to enhance the performance of your truck. It helps fast ignition and quick starts, as well as fuel economy. However, you may come across fake products or damaged products due to bead packaging as well as not having a correspondent gap. Be aware and double check all characteristics on the spot.

Best spark plugs for Acura MDX

Champion Iridium Spark Plug

Our rating:

This spark plug is adaptable to passenger cars and light trucks. In addition, the exclusive heat-active alloy allows electrodes to reach the best temperature pretty fast and maintains permanent operating temperature under all load conditions.

Its V-trimmed ground electrode promotes sharper spark focus. Champion iridium spark plugs feature a fine wire iridium center electrode (If you don't know about "Iridium", read my info article - Iridium vs platinum vs cooper spark plugs.). There are so many great features you can enjoy with purchasing these spark plugs; however, the disadvantage is the wrong gap of the product. It may occur that the gap is not suitable for your specs. In this case you will need to set the gap.

A while ago, it was a must to use a tool to make sure the gap in the spark plugs was the right size. Nowadays, Champion spark plugs come pre-gapped, excluding the need for this. You should double check that the gap is correctly installed.

Install the new spark plug by hand; you should turn it two full dextral turns. Then use the socket wrench with extension and spark plug socket to tighten it. After that turn the plug clockwise. The plug’s washer needs to be pressed against the mounting surface.

Keep in mind: you should avoid over tightening the plug; you can bend the thread on the head of the engine leading to costly repairs. You can also use a torque wrench to torque it to specification.

Replace the spark plug wire boot or ignition coil and wiring connector. A plastic boot should click into place. A rubber boot can need a coat of dielectric grease in order to facilitate the following removal.

Don't forget to let your aluminum heads cool down before you go reefing on your old plugs. Might as well buy some anti-seize to brush on the threads and some Vaseline or dielectric gel.

Key features:

  • long life span
  • great performance
  • establishes stable operating temperature under all engine loads
  • work well with any ignition systems
  • reaches the optimal temperatures really fast** **

Product score:

  • Performance (9/10)
  • Quality (8/10)
  • Price (8/10)


  • great ignitability
  • long service life
  • fast starts
  • smooth running
  • wrong gapping
  • might be extra expenses due to installation or setting the proper gap, counterfeit occurs and bad packaging


This spark plugs will take you aback with the fact that it works perfectly with any type of engine and demonstrates really high performance regardless of your ignition system.

This item has faster throttle response and focused spark, fine-wire iridium center electrode and platinum ground provide maximum life span. It gives electrodes a chance to reach maximum temperature quickly and stay stable under all engine loads.