Best spark plugs for GMC Acadia (2020)

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Most of my clients are well aware of my passion for trucks and SUVs. I’ll go even further and say that they are very supportive and do their best to give me any feedback on my work. After my review 5 Best spark plugs for GMC Sierra/Yukon, I had many requests to write about GMC Acadia spark plugs.

To be honest I was not in a hurry with a review, but when a few days ago one of my old buddies showed up in my service station in his GMC Acadia with the same question, I decided to do a research and write an article as soon as I could. And here you are. Below is my review of 3 most popular spark plugs for this vehicle.

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I recommendœ:

our pick

Bosch Double Iridium

Technological breakthroughs in the spark plug world

These smart spark plugs are made to withstand higher temperatures and pressures. I’m sure you would immediately notice the improvement of throttle response and better idling of your car. Stick with good quality plugs and you won’t regret it!

runner up

ACDelco Iridium

You cannot get wrong with GM original equipment!

It’s an excellent buy and I would highly recommend it!


Champion Platinum Power

Quality that meets industry’s top standards

It’s a reliable product for an affordable price. I would recommend buying it!

But before you start reading it, I’m willing to share a car comfort feature of 2017 GMC Acadia. I have to say, I was pretty surprised when I saw it in my friend’s car. Tell me honestly, how many charging devices are there in your vehicle? One? Two? 2017 GMC Acadia features 5! Five easy-to-access USB ports for all the passengers! I’m not saying that it’s a must-have feature, but pretty cool, right?!

Table of Best Spark Plugs for GMC Acadia

NameOur ratingmateriallifespanyearsetpriceShops
Bosch Double Iridium
double iridium80-120k miles2007-2008, 2010-20164$$
ACDelco Iridium
iridiumup to 100k miles2007-20161$$$
Champion Platinum Power
platinumup to 60k miles2014-20171$

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Best spark plugs for GMC Acadia

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Compared to traditional copper plugs, these double iridium ones are amazing technological breakthroughs! However, if you still have any difficulties choosing the right stuff, check out my review Iridium vs platinum vs copper spark plugs. It would shed light on all aspects related to plugs’ materials.

These Bosch spark plugs have some very important and exclusive features. Let me outline just some of them:

Double iridium means iridium inlay on both electrodes: firing pin and ground electrode.

This combination ensures four times longer durability and better functioning of the engine.

360˚ continuous laser welding on both electrodes was used to fuse the iridium fine wire firing pin. This 0.6 mm pin ensures better ignitability, and it is responsible for 24% reduction in the voltage.

Bosch double iridium features ribbed insulator helping to avoid flashovers.

Make sure you are buying ORIGINAL Bosch!

Key features:

  • double iridium inlay (iridium firing pin and iridium ground electrode);
  • improved anti-seizing and anti-corrosion;
  • better ignitability and durability;
  • can last 4 times longer durability compared to copper plugs.

Product score:

  • performance (9/10)
  • quality (9/10)
  • price (9/10)


  • easy installation and replacement
  • pre-gapped
  • original equipment
  • reduced voltage for improved ignition
  • 7 years satisfaction guarantee or money back guarantee
  • lots of imitations therefore make sure to buy original Bosch

Our rating:

This ACDelco iridium is a great choice for most GMC Acadia trucks. Each plug comes with an original GM part number guarantying exact replacement and high-quality product. Having these plugs in your car you would forget about missing on acceleration, starting issues in cold weather, and rough idling. You will definitely notice smooth work of the engine and increase of truck’s horsepower.

This spark plug features an iridium fine wire center electrode which not only allows for better excitability but also promotes complete burning of carbon buildup on the plug tip.

The plugs are very easy to replace: the whole procedure won’t take a lot of your time. The only thing I would advise you to do is to add a tiny drop of anti-seize stuff on the threads for better protection.

These spark plugs are pre-gapped, however, before installation I would recommend checking gaps according to the manual.

Key features:

  • smooth and boosts engine performance;
  • better ignitability and perfect wear characteristics;
  • longevity;
  • increased fuel economy

Product score:

  • performance (8/10)
  • quality (9/10)
  • price (9/10)


  • very easy installation and replacement
  • pre-gapped to the gap specification
  • original equipment
  • good value for money
  • improvement of fuel economy
  • 7 years of unlimited warranty
  • OE replacement
  • the price

Our rating:

Not long ago I installed these plugs in a 2016 GMC Acadia Denali (3.6L V6 Gas). My client was absolutely happy with the results. He mentioned visible improvement of overall performance of his truck: better acceleration, smooth idling and no misfires. I must admit that Champion offers high-quality platinum products at an extremely affordable price!

These spark plugs come with platinum tips of a central electrode and V-trimmed ground electrode. This perfect combination allows for sharp spark focus, and therefore great improvement of ignitability and engine efficiency.

Platinum center electrode ensures better longevity.

Key features:

  • v-trimmed ground electrode;
  • platinum central electrode;
  • smooth and powerful performance;
  • increased gas mileage.

Product score:

  • performance (8/10)
  • quality (7/10)
  • price (9/10)


  • pre-gapped
  • easy installation and replacement
  • great value for money
  • gas mileage improvement
  • some of the plugs are not gapped properly

Best spark plugs for GMC Acadia Buying Guide


It’s obvious that a well-chosen spark plug can do miracles to your truck’s performance. Smooth run, no idling, fast starts, improved gas mileage… You will be able to notice these and other instant changes provided you pick the right spark plug for your GMC Acadia. I do hope that my short review was helpful.